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The organized way to Gather information & Take notes !
- If you don't have access to your info,  you don't have it! -- YSWT

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  • The best, (and maybe only), way to have control of your information is to have it organized.  Traditional 'key word search' techniques or crude outline lists don't let you do that.

    EccoMV is the modern extension for EccoPro (released free by NetManage)  which allows you to clip, edit, and access your info.

    You'll need EccoPro to use EccoMV
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  • Enter notes directly and clip from just about anywhere, including web pages, Word, Excel, and other documents, even graphics from the screen.

  • Comfortably save over a billion characters of text and a virtually unlimited amount of graphics in over 30,000 view pages per ecco file.

  • Seamlessly secure your text with Microsoft AES 192/256 bit strong encryption (requires XP/Windows 2003 or higher).

  • Send your live or saved MagicView page (from any source) directly to your browser or instantly jump to the original source document (for web pages, word documents, excel documents, etc.).

  • Share clips among multiple networked users in real time.   Clips from the web, Word, Excel, Email, etc., can be viewed and edited on networked systems--  even if the system does not have that software installed.

  • Save your pages either within ecco or seamlessly in an external disk folder.

  • Grab a selection of pages and edit, view, save, print or export  them as a single viewpage.

  • Share the same note/viewpage between multiple items.

  • Link directly from any viewpages to any other.

  • View a page and all of its linked pages together as one.

  • Search in Ecco and see a manageable results screen.

  • Append to, export, and print your clips.

  • Record quick audio notes and freely attach full multimedia, PDF / DjVu / DOC / XLS / EML / etc., as the viewpage of any item.

  • Instantly modify, and easily mark up your clips,  with super easy to use:

    • highlighting,
    • indexing,
    • private notes & markups,
    • cross-page hyperlinking,
    • block math, and
    • outline numbering.

  • Designed for EccoPro running in Win'95, Win'98, Win'ME, Vista, Windows 7 or XP.

  • Try MAGIC VIEW for 90 Days, after that keep it for as little as $99.00 for personal use, $2,500.00 per machine for business and institutional.

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ECCOMV Reviews

"I love MV"
- IT Manager

"A dream come true!"
- Attorney Washington, D.C.